Toobe Lamp By Laviani


The Toobe lamp, by Ferrucccio Laviani was conceived from the idea that uses a PPMA extruded tube. The line is simple and modern and diffuses a soft and warm light.

It Comes equipped with an energy saving bulb that lasts up to ten times longer. Made of transparent or colored injected polycarbonate.

The lamp is available in various chromatic tones. The shape comes from the joining of two joined symmetrical parts: two flat, rectangular and two dimensional plates which assume the shape and volume of a half-lamp.

The handle in the lamp body makes the pole functional and easy to move. The lamp is ideal for an inexpensive gift idea or decorating your home.

Toobe is available in both a table and a floor lamp versions, it was conceived from the idea of using PMMA extruded tube, which creates a surprising smoked effect thanks to an innovative coloring technology.

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