Chopstick & Fork Combination


Yes, you’ve guessed it a chopstick and fork combination! The folks at Brown Innovation Group, Incorporated (B.I.G Inc.) have decided to make life easier on us and created a chopstick and fork infused utensil.
The idea is to help those who are always using a fork on foods that you would typically use a chopstick on (like sushi) to familiarize themselves with the chopstick. There is three way process in becoming an “expert” according to the website.
You start off in the fork stage which is just essentially using the fork. You gradually move on to the cheater or trainer stage. In this stage you would use the chopstick end and pretty much practice and try to get a feel of using a chopstick.

There’s not much work that’s put into this because the two pieces are still connected.

The chork is flexible enough for you to still grab food. Once you get the hang of using the chopstick end of the chork you would take it apart. And there you go, you’ve hit the chopstick stage of this three way process! So what do you think would you like to give it a try? Doesn’t it look kind of awesome?

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