Chic Bside Wood Bed and Ultramodern Reading Lamp in One


For modern minimalist to the extreme, this Bside bed, made with natural wood and ultramodern reading lamp is it!!!

The combination of bed and reading lamp invoke a whole new appreciation for the great bedroom.

This bed makes a favorite addition to any modern, classy and elegant bedroom. Due to its futuristic flair, it will be appreciated by anyone who sleeps in it.

Indeed, there is more to this Bside bed than what meets the eye. It differentiates itself from others by the absence of the mattress, instead offering polymeric gel covered by black leather. In addition to its uniqueness, it is made of natural wood.

The middle of the bed is embellished by a central band of RGB led, which crosses from inside of the bed to the outside to function as a reading lamp, making this bed and lamp combination a desired masterpiece for anyone.

Say good buy to your restless nights and enjoy the comfort of this comfortable, must-have bed with pleasure!

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