Electrolux Energy and Water Producing Dishwasher by Dénes Janoch


“Air Well” 2050s dishwasher, designed by Dénes Janoch for Electrolux, is a revolution in the world of dishwashers and, without a doubt,  will be the favorite dishwasher for the coming generations.

Functionally, it is ideal; it needs neither any energy nor water to do the dishes, as it is designed to produce both the water and the energy on its own.

The production of water is provided through the use of active atmospheric water collection with the help of mechanical refrigeration. Through cooling the heat exchanger below the dew point, the water is produced in return, not depending on any water source.

As a source of energy for this dishwasher serves the organic waste, produced from the dishwashing process using the method utilized in bio-gas.

This brave and smart solution deserves great applause and appreciation for many decades.

This dishwasher, designed by Dénes Janoch for Electrolux , due to its functional and aesthetical wonders, deserves the right to be considered the dishwasher of the future for sure!

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