Sophisticated Sensor Trashcan From The House of Simple Human


This classy sensor trash bin opens and closes its lid independently and effortlessly.

Great news for all of us!! No more interaction with trash bin either with hand or foot.

Thanks to designers from the house of Simple Human, one more innovation and improvement emerged in our daily life for the sake of our comfort and well feeling in a form of sensory trash bin.

It has three modes of functioning: Ready mode, Task mode and Stay-Open mode.

Direct movement of the object over the trash bin makes the sensor of this trash bin to open its lid, stay open for 30 seconds, while the task is in progress, and then close. The trash bin functions with 6 C batteries up to a year. Through adaptive sensor technology, this trash bin manages your task and responds to the action.

This pretty easy functioning trash bin can be yours for $ 225 USD with warranty of two years.

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