The Bed of Garden, Lights and Music- Ecotypic Bed by Arthur Xin


Ecotypic Bed shines with its comfort, amazes the world with its attached garden, impresses with its lightning and relaxes with its entertainment center. This bed will be the focal point in your bedroom.

What a smart and bright idea to dress up the bed with greenery, light and music!

All the necessities are solved by one very intriguing bed, dream bed by designer Arthur Xin.

Sleeping in this bed inside you have all the rights to feel as if you are sleeping outside, as it enables you to breath the fresh air produced by the flowers of your bed. Flowers   function as natural air conditioner for your bedroom feeling your bedroom with the aroma of freshness.

In addition, this dream bed has speakers, which wake you up with calming music. It comes with reading lights and LED lights, which replace sunlight to enable the growth of the plants.

Moreover, there is sport ring attached under the bed, which generates kinetic energy from the actions and activities perform on and around the bed.

Transform your world of sweet dreams from a simple bed to something more than a bed, to the Ecotypic Bed from Arthur Xin.

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