Stained Glass Windows in Bathroom


Stained glass is made of sticking together many small pieces of color glasses. The design of stained glass had taken many forms throughout the centuries.
Stained Glass in bathrooms is one of our most popular choices for practical as well as aesthetic reasons.
Picture for example a window located over a bathtub, as many windows are in homes today. This is a great addition for a light source however at nighttime privacy is required. Here is a good example of the need for privacy in a bathroom window. As you can see, these windows are immediately above the bathtub.
The bathroom stained glass applications includes shower windows and even leaded glass between two areas in the bathroom such as a shower room and the main bathroom area. In a bathroom, as well as in other locations, a stained glass window has several advantages over a plain window and other kinds of window treatments like blinds and curtains.
All stained glass bathroom windows are affordably designed and built using the unique Scottish Stained Glass methods of excellence.

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