Red Sunflower Fan Mirror by Edmuno Contreras


For the ultimate in accessories, try adding mirrors to your home decor. Though we look into our mirrors many times throughout the day, rarely do we see the magic that is contained in these devices.
Edmundo Contreras creates a beautiful design with a contemporary feel, delightfully fusing old and new views. Sunflower mirror is a beautiful addition to a bedroom with a warm autumn colors, kitchen and hallway of the house.

Stylized sunflowers illuminate this mirror with glowing colors. Painted by hand on the reverse side of glass panes, it is shaped like an open fan. The beautiful warm autumn colors, though implying more heat and complement the home.

Beyond these practical uses, mirrors are simply beautiful decorating items and come in many shapes and sizes. A large framed mirror can be hung like a painting, making it a centerpiece in a room. Even small hand mirrors, typically silver, can act as complementary accessories to your décor.

This mirror is not only an artistic addition to the house but can also be used for autumn decoration for home and other holidays are the season of the year

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