Akopo Radiator-heater from Julien Bergignat Provides Heating Comfort


Radiator Akopo is unique in its kind due to its designer Julien Bergignat. It is comprised of three components: the main body, the radiator and the portable three modules. Its three modules allow the user to take the heat with them, as they are portable and very practical. Akopo is the right heating appliance for nowadays, as it gives the user options which have not been available yet.

The way it works is very simple, its main body is the producer of the heat, on which three portable modules are attached, which if needed can be taken by the user to heat any place, for example it may be the seat place on the sofa, or any part of the body such as neck, arm, belly. The modules are made of PVC elastomer, free from toxic component and ceramic balls. The designer Julien Bergignat uses refractory stone and steel for main body. The radiator/heater Akopo offers a new chic in it the world of radiators as it provides new heating comfort and reduced electricity consumption.

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