Stackable Puzzle-Outdoor Furniture from Ego Paris


Ego Paris surprises with its functional and stackable funny outdoor furniture.

Bearing the name Stackable Puzzle, this funky and comfy outdoor furniture offers great relaxation and fun, when in use either on beachfront, patio, deck, or poolside.

The great part in it is that it is very flexible, if stacked, it can serve as outdoor furniture for one or two people, if not stacked, then it can accommodate larger group of people.

This portable, very comfortable and attention-grabbing outdoor furniture from Ego Paris is comprised of nine pieces: two sun loungers, four lounge chairs, two low tables and the Anis yellow aluminum lacquered occasional table.

Whereas, when it is not in use, in off-season, it is easily collectible into one-piece furniture, without taking any noticeable place in the storage.

This wonderful nine piece outdoor furniture fills your outdoor living room with joy and creativity in good weather.

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