Internet generation’s Smart Espresso Machine from Illy


The collaboration of Carlo Bach, art director of Illycaffè, and MM Design firm, after three years of research, gave birth to this genuine new compact espresso machine called Y1.

Its significance is its capability of optimal extraction of coffee aromas due to its five patents and in the ability of making necessary velvet like long-lasting cream.

The eco friendly, novel and modern coffee machine, made of aluminum, glass and stainless steel, comes with a base, which contains all related articles, and serves as a storage place for cups.

Mainly intended for Internet generation, Illy’s newest coffee machine produces high quality coffee through its Iperespresso capsule system. It does not take much space in the kitchen, office or wherever it is, due to its compact design.

Treat yourself with the coffee produced byY1Illy’s latest coffee machine and you will be content for the rest of the day.

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