New Kitchen Design Argento Vivo from GD Cucine


Italian firm GD Cucine introduces its latest kitchen design Argento Vivo. This kitchen design incorporates the elegance and practicality very professionally.

Argento Vivo kitchen has smooth and shiny surface, making it extremely novel and sophisticated. The kitchen comes in rich color varieties like black, orange, silver, green, yellow and white to suffice the most demanding taste of the buyer.

As a new feature, it has electronic opening and closing capability of the wall unit at the rounded ends.

It has an o-shape dining annex, which can be used for various purposes, such as wine cooler and fruit bowl. It comes with a middle linear island, which is comprised of glass cabinets to accommodate all the necessities.

Lend your kitchen with Argento Vivo kitchen design from Italian firm GD Cucine and let the fiesta begin.

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