Fabulous Furniture by Hancock & Moore


Hancock & Moore introduce lavish pieces of sofas, ottomans and chairs in alluring and enthralling fabrics, designs and colors.

The pertinently called Exquisite Sofa is a piece of art and is one in a kind. This lovely sofa is featured with elevated backside with buttoning that embellishes its silky and elastic leather upholstery.

The Achieve Ottoman is another piece of art in this collection. It is noteworthy for its Segovia Flame red-leather upholstery and availability of a range of bright colors to suit to any demanding interior.

The Picabo Chair is prominent with its leather upholstery in an embossed reptile-skin print, fancy color and fabulous finish.

Surround you with these wonderful prices of furniture from Hancock & Moore and let the fiesta begin!!

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