Elegant Ethanol Biofuel Fireplace by Decoflame


This oval shaped conspicuous ethanol biofuel fireplace by Decoflame will be a hot focal point for any room in both positions; hanging from the ceiling or seating on the floor.

The fabulous and striking fireplace called Ellipse comes in two positions, as stated above, from ceiling and on 4 legs on the floor, moreover, it is available in two colors, black and white, additionally, it has two functions: one, to lighten the room and second, to warm the room.

Warm and lighten your dwelling with this fabulous and impressive fireplace Ellipse from Decoflame and enjoy the affectionate atmosphere under your roof.

No matter in which position it is, this ethanol biofuel fireplace by Decoflame will be the instant hotspot of any modern interior.

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