Arty and Classy Furniture Collection Tra le Briccole di Venezia from Riva1920


Riva 1920 harmonizes the modern and natural features into fabulous furniture collection Tra le Briccole di Venezia.

Inspired by the city of Venice, the designers from Riva 1920 create great pieces of furniture with conflicting elements from modern and traditional materials and make this collection super hot and impressive.

Designer Thomas Herzog creates the Vice Versa coffee table in circular and round shapes, whereas designer Erasmo Figini designs the Serena lamp, each of them being gorgeous and one of a kind.

The exemplary choice of materials, such as wood, glass and stainless still, for this distinctive furniture collection makes it neutral yet exciting, engaging effortlessly with whatever objects surround it.

Lend any piece of this furniture collection from Riva 1920 to your living space and it will add a simple touch to your space that will make a big impact and great difference.

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