Green Ceramic Bathroom from Franco Pecchioli


This contemporary bathroom ceramic tile showing a new collection by Italian designer Franco Pecchioli. Bring nature back into your bathroom decor with these gorgeous  ceramic tiles  and slabs can be cut to size to suit your floors, walls, backsplash, countertops, shower enclosure and tub surround in style.

The green ceramic bathroom tiles incorporate organic materials such as metals and mosaics. Square adorn the floor and wall tile, mosaic tile motif while adding further interest to the wall.Pieces by pieces they open the   elegance in bathroom.

When the bath, finished inside and out with mixed motives mixture – slabs tiles on the exterior, the interior square wall tiles, and flower-pattern tile we sow unique and modern end.These unique  tiles and different look sizes coming together in one bathroom, for reproduce the elegant design and modern luxury vision.

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