Ingenious Bottone Radiators by Luigia Pace


Make a modern statement on your wall with Bottone Radiators in this winter season.

These fancy circular and colorful radiators, by designer Luigia Pace, with a simple touch will change not only the temperature under your roof, but also the design of you walls.

There is more to these circular radiators, dubbed Bottone Radiators by Luigia Pace, than meets the eye.

The usage is very simple, just gelling on the wall in the desired aesthetic image or sequence, you get color changing radiators and wall décor.

Finally, these versatile radiators not only heat your living environment, but also decorate your living space exclusively and ingeniously.


One Response to “Ingenious Bottone Radiators by Luigia Pace”
  1. Luigia Pace says:

    This Radiator is produced by ID-EE

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