New Espresso Machine Designed and Engineered by Bialetti Tazzona


The charming Bialetti Tazzona is an electric espresso maker that includes the best of Italian coffee culture and the authentic spirit of conviviality in a unique, enthusiastic design.

In fact, Tazzona prepares coffees that can compete with those found in traditional cafes and coffee houses, thanks to the pressure of the 20-bar pump which provides for even more intensive preparation  and aromatic coffee.

As regards to technical characteristics, Tazzona Bialetti  is versatile, thanks to a three-way technology that offers the possibility to make coffee using a  ground coffee or pods Bialetti Capsules and all this is very easy to use, thanks to the presence of a single arm where the coffee is placed, no matter which of the three options is selected.

The result of all this is a beautiful and  nice addition  in  the kitchen  with  unique and original elements, colors and extremely good coffee.

Tazzona  espresso maker is available in red, black, white and black/white colors.

This is a  perfect gift idea or a  good addition for your kitchen.

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