Coffee machine which fulfills every wish you have


For lovers of coffee with impressive bank accounts there is nothing better than an espresso machine of Bellevue’s. It is because this is not just another espresso machine, but the most expensive in the world. This company offers to you the first machine that looks more like having left the research laboratory than a coffee machine. However, Bellevue’s doing everything and offers 165 different hot drinks as many types of coffee, tea, cappuccino, etc. The mochaccino Milk is more than 10 kinds, but the choice of cream, chocolate, honey and sugar will take quite some time.

With one push of a button you choose what and how to serve your choice of coffee, but this will be hard because the cups and spoons are endless. The price of coffee machine from the new generation is between $10,000 and $40,000 dollars. The company unfortunately will not put them in mass, buy only by special order for its customers.


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  1. Spook says:

    Very nice and innovative Idea! I woud like to have this at home 😉

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