Shoe Bathtub That Will Cost You A Modest $27,000


Only an Italian can create a bath that combines luxury, eccentricities and the promise of pleasant experiences. The impressive Italian designer Della Monaca behind the brand Audrey Massimiliano, created a unique bath in the form of a shoe.

Above all the eccentric designer offers the shoe like bathtub in several versions – the water runs down from the peak of the shoe, and while you lean back and relax, a built in massager caresses your shoulders so you can relax. Current height of the bath is 165 cm or 5.4 feet and width is 270 cm or 8.85 feet.

With this type of parameters a couple can easily take a bath at once and have a romantic evening together. The price of this eccentric decision is $17,000. Nonetheless, there is an option of a platinum covered shoe like bathtub that is $27,000. However luxury is a guarantee.

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