The Fire at Home


Men used fire for heat, fire and security long before the beginning of recorded history. The discovery of fire is the second most important after the discovery of human language, and the fireplace is a simple, convenient and effective way to maintain a safe and controlled fire in the home for comfort, whether the home is a cave or mansion. The earliest ancestor of the fireplace is represented by stones and a hole in the roof to allow smoke to come out. You can imagine the effectiveness of such a system! When talking about modern indoor fireplaces, one must say that there is a huge choice and alternative to traditional masonry fireplaces – tile stoves, combustion chambers of gas and propane fireplaces, free standing wood and others. These modern alternatives to the large fireplace with glass doors are much more attractive than the massive masonry fireplaces, known from the past. Whether stainless steel, stone or iron, they offer the same beauty and atmosphere as traditional fireplace, but have fewer requirements for construction, requiring only a chimney, fire-resistant flooring and an adequate distance from flammable materials. Fireplaces for indoor use with a wide variety of shapes, materials and sizes can ensure your comfort throughout the home, and remarkable focus in the interior. There is a fireplace with a special certificate for installation in bedrooms, bathrooms and even mobile homes. Traditional materials for lining fireplaces are marble and brick, but there are more eccentric performances of bronze, copper, silver, gold and even platinum.

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