Bathroom Safety Tips


Slipping and falling in the bathroom can be caused on many occasions, if we do not choose the right ceramic tile. One should avoid the mistake of gluing wall tiles to the floor! The perfect finish for the bathroom flooring should be rough and without gloss. If your family consists of elderly members, it would be very difficult for them to get out of the bath without any assistance.

This task can be alleviated with metal handles firmly secured to the wall. Incidentally, in some European countries it is necessary for the bathrooms to have a bell, which is there in case of slipping or if someone gets sick. Moreover, it is very important that in similar situations to have the door designed to where it can be unlocked from the outside as well.

In our daily cleaning we often do even get to the bathroom. Nevertheless, this room requires much more rigorous in depth cleaning – the hot and humid environment is ideal for the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. If these unpleasant factors are already present, we should not try to hide them, by painting over them, this will stop the growth of the colony only briefly. To remove mold forever, it will be necessary to remove the plaster, to treat the site with special chemicals and only then to make cosmetic repairs.

In order to prevent painful fight with mold, it is recommend not waiting for its appearance; it should be prevented by preventative measures.

Occasionally wash the walls of the bathroom with a weak solution of disinfectant and clean edges with a brush. Preparations containing abrasives mechanical damage and scratch the tub ceramic tiles. It is best to use liquid detergents for cleaning the bathroom. Apply with a brush preparation, wait and rinse with plenty of water. The mirror can be cleaned with a detergent for cleaning windows.

The bathroom should be well ventilated. Hence, the vents shouldn’t be covered with tiles for “aesthetic” purposes. After lengthy hydrotherapy leave the bathroom door open for a while so it can be cooled down and ventilated.

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