DNA Bookshelf by Alessandro Elli


The function of the furniture in a modern home should be reasonably well considered with the space as it has. The simple and clean lines, the geometric shapes and the natural materials are the successful triad of any modern designed furniture for your home. This proposal, for a bookcase for a living room, strives for a tasteful basis, which brings harmony to all its elements.

The DNA Bookcase by Alessandro Elli is designed as a piece of furniture that can be used and served in a different way at once. I remember the days when I was a student, and I used to share one living room with my roommate. So if we had such a beautiful designed bookcase we could use it not only to hold our books, but also as a room divider.

The DNA Bookcase sides are made by beech and the shelves in curved plywood, veneered with black finished steel frame. The designer grabs your attention and inspires you, with his quite unique, stylish and original design. He gives you an idea and makes your home a better place to live.

As you can see this bookcase reminds a human DNA, which gives it an unusual look. I believe that you can’t store too much stuff on this shelf, but it is a great way to decorate your living room, to put on the shelves only your workable books, objects you really like, and if a need arises you can divide the space of your living room just with one move.

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