Long Comfortable Sleep With Hastens Dream Beds


hastens dream bed

These days everyone is busy, running to catch that train or in a hurry to meet a work deadline or late for a meeting or school or do you want me to keep going, endless and endless realms of situations. The truth is that at the end of the day you are extremely tired and just want  to come home, rest and get that nice bed time sleep for your next day of countless adventures.

The truth is that in reality you can never get that desired comfortable nighttime sleep, there is always something bothering about that bed of yours. Sounds familiar, well don’t worry, because I have found the solution, oh and i think you have heard that one before.  Believe it or not this one is real. Stop going to that shopping mall and all those stores, lay on different beds, talk to all the persuasive salespeople to later realize that still there is something quite not right about it.

Hasten dream beds is here to relieve you of all your discomforts and to provide you with the sleep of a lifetime. I cannot describe you the feeling of laying on this bed and waking up refreshed in the morning. Hmmm that sounded like a cliché and I am sure you have heard this from salespeople trying to sell you their beds, but if you don’t trust me check out the technology behind Hasten beds and I promise you that you will not be disappointing. At least we deserve a good night sleep in this ever challenging and dynamic world of ours.

Just to give you a small overview of their higher end mattresses

1. The  mattress contains real horsehair and cotton/wool. The fabric is 100% cotton.

2. Motors that raise and lower the bed’s position.

3. Effective massage system, smoothly adjustable, from gentle relaxation to more powerful stimulation.

4. Spiral spring system, 15 cm high with 8-ring springs, individually sprung with stabilisers and firmer springs around the edges.

5. Extra reinforced corner springs and flax corner stuffing.

6. Spiral system, 13 cm high. Made in 4 sections, so that the bed can bend easily.

7. Extra reinforced corner springs and flax corner stuffing.

8. Partly upholstered in cotton stretch fabric, 100% cotton, blue check.

9. Wireless remote control for regulating the bed’s position and the massage system. Why not try wave massage, or programme in your favourite positions so that you can recreate them easily and accurately.

20. Cotton lining underneath, preventing dust from entering from below and making the underside of the bed easy to vacuum.


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  1. Karine Najaryan says:

    OMG! This bed looks like a real dream! I myself would LOVE to have one… I wonder where I can get a bed like this… THIS IS THE RIGHT BED !!!

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