3D Self-Leveling Floors by Imperial Interiors

In many of the examples the company has already completed, a special epoxy technique creates a mind-boggling sense of 3D space while still leaving the floor level. Decorative flooring – it’s not just a picture, a large-scale art object, which fundamentally changes the idea of what might look like flooring. On the one hand – […]

Vintage Divided Platter Italian Tray Hand Painted Fruit Design Section Serving Dish


DNA Bookshelf by Alessandro Elli

The function of the furniture in a modern home should be reasonably well considered with the space as it has. The simple and clean lines, the geometric shapes and the natural materials are the successful triad of any modern designed furniture for your home. This proposal, for a bookcase for a living room, strives for […]

Home Office Futuristic Design by Uffix

The office where we work occupies an important role in our daily lives. There we spend the most part of the day. Therefore the place where we should work must secure maximum comfort for us. Everything starts from the interior design, and goes through careful selection and purchase of furniture. The process will finish with […]

Patio Fireplace Grill Smoker

Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of the house, but I do not know what some of them will say for the barbecue. Definitely it is not the heart of our backyard, but it also is fair to say that any contemporary backyard or park can not exist without barbecue. Even the […]

Wall Charcoal Grill

Doing a barbecue with friends is a pleasure for all, is not it? Who does not dream during the summer to sit in the park or on the deck or in the backyard and just feels good. To surprise your friends and to have a sensational family party however, your barbecue grill should be well […]

Table “Flo” with Vase Leg by Kate Pashinove

Kate Pashinove, Russian designer cleverly includes a flower vase as a table leg, a modern touch to your table. Glass table legs, table called Flo, applies the concept of multifunctional and is also very interesting design for your home. The table has three wooden legs and the fourth leg is a glass vase, which you […]

Espresso Coffee Set by Felina Sok Cham

This Espresso Coffee set by the Felina Sok-Cham will give you an admirable chance of serving not only coffee, but also a la carte meal. Its bamboo tray, with six saucers, six china cups and six spoons that can rest across the cups will help you to serve your guests hot drinks with out spilling […]

Cool Compact Kitchen Island

If you own a home with a limited space and have desire of a modern and compact kitchen. You want to do fast cooking and impress your guest, you must trust to the modern trend kitchen, which will certainly satisfy you. The picture above shows you how well the designers have used the space, light, […]

Unique Kitchen Table All in One

Using the modern trend kitchen conception and after having a Pedini kitchen design Kitchen Island, one perfect adornment and appendage surely will beautify our kitchen. Many people today have started to use limited elements in their homes. The living room’s sofa can be used today as a bed, the garage doubles as a workshop or […]

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