Employing Creativity in Your Modern Home

If you have to think creatively in order to make room for fresh ideas, there is a solution

Daring imaginations with ceramic

If You want the bathroom floors covered with of exotic hardwood or if you want a waterproof lining, which is like silk wallpaper, well your answer is a ceramic drywall. You need blocks of stone or metal on the facade – search the collections of ceramics manufacturers. It is a fact that tile is a […]

The Fire at Home

Men used fire for heat, fire and security long before the beginning of recorded history. The discovery of fire is the second most important after the discovery of human language, and the fireplace is a simple, convenient and effective way to maintain a safe and controlled fire in the home for comfort, whether the home […]

Skateboarders Furniture

If you are a sworn fan of skateboard furniture this style of furniture is exactly for you. Introducing the original furniture design studio in California Skate Study House. All furniture is made ​​out of skate boards. Skateboard designers have unleashed a maximum imagination in their work. Even using the skate wheels to make some crazy and unique furniture with a strong spirit – for skate enthusiasts For all skate enthusiast that would like comfort either indoor for some TV time, nap time or even reading time should consider […]

Old Cars Art Furniture

  Introducing Joe Hester and his unconventional ideas. How an old and abandoned cars can be a subject of art house in the form of a table or cutting-edge picture … When the family cars can no longer perform their duties, their fate usually ends in the junk yard. However, if the car has served you faithfully for many years and you want to keep something from it, well this next idea may seem interesting to you. Joel Hester figure out a way not only to keep alive the memory of your beloved car, but a […]

Diamond gloss bathtub that will give your bathroom a brand new shiny look

One of the newest and most luxurious bath products probably will completely change your idea of “bathing in luxury.” Designer Lori Gardner spent three years working as the end result is stunning diamond bathtub – The Diamond Bathtub. The tub is actually encrusted with 44,928 pink crystals and a genuine diamond. The design of its […]

Shoe Bathtub That Will Cost You A Modest $27,000

Only an Italian can create a bath that combines luxury, eccentricities and the promise of pleasant experiences. The impressive Italian designer Della Monaca behind the brand Audrey Massimiliano, created a unique bath in the form of a shoe. Above all the eccentric designer offers the shoe like bathtub in several versions – the water runs […]

Coffee machine which fulfills every wish you have

For lovers of coffee with impressive bank accounts there is nothing better than an espresso machine of Bellevue’s. It is because this is not just another espresso machine, but the most expensive in the world. This company offers to you the first machine that looks more like having left the research laboratory than a coffee […]

Dive in this classic bathtub without missing your favorite show on tv

How would you like a TV attached to your bathtub? Well guess what people who put waterproof widescreen LCD TVs in the bathroom just did not know that there is one step beyond that. It’s quite natural that these TVs can be trapped above the basins, sauna and spa. Designer Karim Rashid, however, mounted television […]

Harley Davidson Chair

Harley Davidson and the company First Impression present their newest product – a chair similar to the legendary bike. The brand that created the interior of homes and Hollywood stars like Don Johnson and Vanilla Ice will now present one of his eccentric solutions for the home. The chair, which was established as a bike […]

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