Home Indoor Swimming Pools by Manuel Ocana

Home indoor swimming pools in Casa Rota house designed by Manuel Ocana, with its unique design. An indoor swimming pool is in a house that the main characteristic of this house is a great indoor swimming pool, swimming pool are unique painting so if you have the pool view from the top, you see the […]

Unique Fireplace and Benches by Jan Brauer

‘Greed for quiet’ is Unique modern fireplace that features benches connected to the fireplace for a free access to the fire from all directions designed by Jan Brauer. The benches are movable around the fireplace in 360 degrees and so the user can choose if he or she wants to sit and relax alone, or […]

Modern chair design shape of the letter V.

This unique chair has a unique shape that resembles the inverted pyramid as well as many strengths that will make you become comfortable to use. Chair of the pyramid is derived from Karim Rashid. Chair design stunning and very modern, chair of the pyramid is very suitable for use in a modern cafe as decorative […]