Sunny Colored Kids Bathroom Design by Laufen

Sunny Colored Kids Bathroom byLaufen is a collection of imaginative and fun bathroom fixtures. Playful and warm colors remind us that this is a children’s world and is a cool, funny and also a big attraction for the kids. I was captivated by the caterpillar-shaped mirror and mounted series. Complementarity with fairy fun, make children […]

Flowery Bathroom Design by Mastella

Mastella designed this delicate, flowery bathroom inspired by the beautiful Calla Lily. Flowery from the outside, pure inside, and harmonized with drop shaped taps-this imaginative white bathroom makes the ordinary bathroom an attractive artwork. The rims of the fixtures echo a gentle white flower, making them very original, very exquisite and very enticing. Though unique […]

Langston Maple Wheat Bathroom

The Langston Maple Wheat Bathroom is truly a one of kind bathroom that is very detailed and quite organized in a specific way that will fit anyone that wishes to have a spacious bathroom with lots of storage space. This bathroom shows a bath tub that is very spacious and you can create your own […]

Bathroom Design With Modern Italian Tile

During the Empire the Italians or the Romans always enjoyed visiting bath houses. One of the largest bath houses was about 700 square meters and there was enough water to satisfy visitors’ needs. This was the start of earlier Italian bathroom design which has changed and developed during a long time but there are some […]

Body Sprays

This is a great, modern bathroom design that you will love to have in your home and you will really appreciate it. Rejuvenate your spirit with an all-over body massage from a wide strong spray. Relax the mind and body with gentle hydrotherapy. With KOHLER body sprays, you can choose the shower experience that fits […]

Modern Bathroom Design

Are you looking to update and modernize your master bathroom, or do you just need some change to a new and improved bathroom?  If so, the Modern Bathroom Design that you see here is the perfect bathroom improvement for you. This bathroom design offers a nice black tile bathroom with a modern vanity and a […]