Diamond gloss bathtub that will give your bathroom a brand new shiny look

One of the newest and most luxurious bath products probably will completely change your idea of “bathing in luxury.” Designer Lori Gardner spent three years working as the end result is stunning diamond bathtub – The Diamond Bathtub. The tub is actually encrusted with 44,928 pink crystals and a genuine diamond. The design of its […]

Shoe Bathtub That Will Cost You A Modest $27,000

Only an Italian can create a bath that combines luxury, eccentricities and the promise of pleasant experiences. The impressive Italian designer Della Monaca behind the brand Audrey Massimiliano, created a unique bath in the form of a shoe. Above all the eccentric designer offers the shoe like bathtub in several versions – the water runs […]

Dive in this classic bathtub without missing your favorite show on tv

How would you like a TV attached to your bathtub? Well guess what people who put waterproof widescreen LCD TVs in the bathroom just did not know that there is one step beyond that. It’s quite natural that these TVs can be trapped above the basins, sauna and spa. Designer Karim Rashid, however, mounted television […]

Flowery Bathroom Design by Mastella

Mastella designed this delicate, flowery bathroom inspired by the beautiful Calla Lily. Flowery from the outside, pure inside, and harmonized with drop shaped taps-this imaginative white bathroom makes the ordinary bathroom an attractive artwork. The rims of the fixtures echo a gentle white flower, making them very original, very exquisite and very enticing. Though unique […]

Stiletto-shaped bathtub clad, in mosaics, Audrey, from Sicis, Italian mosaics specialist

After busy, hectic and long working day, imagine your bath time in this amazingly unprecedented bathtub. Doesn’t it throw away the stress of the day, that you might have, and throw you into a gorgeous, inimitable and very exquisite atmosphere in the bathroom, making you dream the impossible? Words are incapable to describe the pleasure […]

Amazing Kohler Bathtub

This generously sized modern tub is the new Bathtub from Kohler as it is elegant, modern, and really one that you can enjoy in your home. Smooth and curving, the bathtub will be at home in a wide range of contemporary settings. The tub is ideal for all stages of life from singles to families… […]

Bathroom TV

Do you enjoy watching soup operas like Desperate Housewives or any reality shows such as the Housewives of New York City?  If so, you have found the perfect thing for your.  If you would like to watch your favorite show and take a bath at the same time, now you can do it. This waterproof […]