Itbox Furniture Unit

If your room is with limited space and doesn’t allow you to store your stuff in the standard shelves, Itbox Furniture Unit will solve your problem. According your needs, the Producer Company can provide shelves with a wide range of articles, colors and sizes. Use your innate sense of color, taste and space in order […]

The most expensive bed

Parnian created the most expensive bed in the world. Price of the furniture is pretty wide range – from $38,000 to $210,000 thousand US dollars. The original idea of ​​the manufacturer was to create something that is just attractive and eye-catching. After two years eight months, many plans and a real deal of carpenters, the final result […]

Unique Fireplace and Benches by Jan Brauer

‘Greed for quiet’ is Unique modern fireplace that features benches connected to the fireplace for a free access to the fire from all directions designed by Jan Brauer. The benches are movable around the fireplace in 360 degrees and so the user can choose if he or she wants to sit and relax alone, or […]

Molecule Furniture Seating and Tables

The Molecule Furniture is an ensemble of contemporary seating and tables that grabs the attention as the dark red contrasts with the stark white. The two components of the furniture set combine into an endless array of configurations and are designed to simply reconfigure on the fly to respond to changing needs. The possibilities are […]

Stefania Living Room

The Stefania Living Room Set from Benetti’s Italia will give your living room that polished look and stylized European glamour that you will pride yourself on for years to come. Looking as if it came right from a cover of the renowned design magazine, this splendid furniture is a pleasure to own and use. In […]

Loop Table

This table is ideal for someone looking to breathe new life into their livingroom, and add some edgy style. Made from thin slices of steel ribbons that flow together in a wave-pattern, the base of this table will pull in all the eyes in the room. Depending on the angle, the intensity of the waves […]