Unique Kitchen Table All in One

Using the modern trend kitchen conception and after having a Pedini kitchen design Kitchen Island, one perfect adornment and appendage surely will beautify our kitchen. Many people today have started to use limited elements in their homes. The living room’s sofa can be used today as a bed, the garage doubles as a workshop or […]

Modern Kitchen Island

In many kitchens you will find a kitchen island. Many new homes are being creative with creative islands that can serve many purposes. Some of them have a smaller sink or the sink itself. They can also have other items, such as extra space, a wire rack, or warming ovens. Dress up your kitchen island […]

Ultramodern Kitchen Design “Fruit of Life” by Hieu Tranngoc and Hao Tran

The Fruit of Life is an ultramodern, amazingly flamboyant and indisputably elegant kitchen design, ideally sized for one or two people and for places, where space is considered to be high-end luxury. Inspired from fruitful apple tree, the designers Hieu Tranngoc and Hao Tran have come up with an idea of shaping the whole setup […]

Nature in Kitchen by Treo-Easy Kitchen Without Upper Cabinets

By a simple change Treo brings life and nature into the modern kitchen through replacing upper cabinets by a wide, expansive window. Watch the rain, sun, light, snow, and why not, even the rainbow while eating or cooking in the kitchen. Due to linear, side by side and wall cabinets Treo provides the necessary storage […]

Modern Dining Table

When geometry dines in, it probably dines on this modern dining room table. The shapes and silhouette that this table forms is reminiscent of an elementary school math lesson, but with flair. The table has two formats. In its as-is form, it is a circular, mid-sized table for light lunches and breakfasts. When a more […]