Gessi’s Chic and Slim 3 mm Thick Showerheads

For modern minimalist to the extreme, this 3 mm thick showerhead by Gessi is it! Functionally, this showerhead shines, complete with its slim and sleek feature and an integrated light. Aesthetically, its look is inspiring. This chic showerhead by Gessi will appeal to your traditional sensibilities while still satisfying your most-modern cravings – not an […]

Chic Bside Wood Bed and Ultramodern Reading Lamp in One

For modern minimalist to the extreme, this Bside bed, made with natural wood and ultramodern reading lamp is it!!! The combination of bed and reading lamp invoke a whole new appreciation for the great bedroom. This bed makes a favorite addition to any modern, classy and elegant bedroom. Due to its futuristic flair, it will […]