Home Office Futuristic Design by Uffix

The office where we work occupies an important role in our daily lives. There we spend the most part of the day. Therefore the place where we should work must secure maximum comfort for us. Everything starts from the interior design, and goes through careful selection and purchase of furniture. The process will finish with […]

Original Sofa Bondo from Harry Korhonen

The designer of this sofa is Bondo Harry Korhonen. Couch Bondo is a new modern vision, creative and practical in certain locations. This new type of restraint and creative solution is to allow two people to sit together, to communicate and discuss business problems and their solutions. The design is certainly not applicable in the […]

Architect Executive Desk

A mix of old world features with modern lines. Office spaces, both in homes and in businesses, each deserve the same design attention.  Who wants to work in an environment that is stale, cold, and uninteresting? I know I don’t!  By bringing in office furniture, such as the Architect Executive Desk, achieving function and beauty […]