Room Devider with Light and Climate Control Ruisseau Partitions from Allison Wilson

Make a modern statement from room to room with this exclusive and very functional room divider from Allison Wilson. Dubbed Ruisseau Partitions, this fabulous and elegant room divider, in addition to providing privacy, is equipped with great lightening feature too. It is very flexible, as it can be assembled and dissembled very easily; it is […]

Modern Art Piece, Architectural Wall Art by Citco

Citco, Italian Company, introduced this original and remarkable architectural wall art to replace the plane and tiresome walls to new heights. It is fabulous both in design, in the material it is made of, and in the light effects. The design is vividly interesting, the wall is not flat, but bold textured, and is created […]

Modular Dividing Bookcase

Watch your books flow into your decor with this dual bookcase/room divider. The twisting shape will guide your guests’ eyes towards the books that you creatively display on these shelves. You may even find yourself purchasing new books and trinkets to display! This is a beautifully shaped design that will seamlessly fit into your current […]