Modern Art Piece, Architectural Wall Art by Citco

Citco, Italian Company, introduced this original and remarkable architectural wall art to replace the plane and tiresome walls to new heights. It is fabulous both in design, in the material it is made of, and in the light effects. The design is vividly interesting, the wall is not flat, but bold textured, and is created […]

Mod Wall Art

Part wallpaper, part art, the Wallter wall applications go boldly and texturally where conventional wall décor falls flat. You define the design, and color. Squares come nestled in a pack of 8 slightly irregular shapes. Applied in a line, bunched, or in any pattern that you please. These look great on a door or on […]

Leguna Lightbox

Is it art or is it a light? What is it?  It is actually both.  Lighted wall art is all the rage in modern design both in terms of function and beauty.  This piece of art literally lights up home interiors, while creating a sophisticated focal point.  Garnish walls in living rooms, family rooms, and […]