Plated Fireplace — Wall

Plated Fireplace is a timeless style, in corner or wall unit. Ventless fireplace is heavy-duty steel with brass-plated trim and a built-in screen. This is a design that will add a warmth to your home and it will be just the one to have, and enjoy for years to come since it is just perfect […]

Wood Fireplace

The Wood Fireplace is a three-sided peninsula style fireplace that is perfect for a room divider with a spectacular view of the fire from all three sides.  This is not only eye pleasing because of its unique design and position, but also because it is just an elegant fireplace that is very inviting to everyone […]

Modernized Fireplace

The Modernized Fireplace could you your modern and innovative fireplace that you can add to any wall in your home and create a warm, inviting, and beautiful environment and scene that all your family and friends will adore. The fireplace is functional and one that you will enjoy having because it looks like a TV […]

Cosmo Modern Fireplace

The Cosmo Modern Fireplace is one that will add a new look that is quite innovative and very luxurious to have.  The fireplace is a modern marvel that will be perfect for your style and any style.  You will enjoy this unbelievable fireplace since it will add warmth and create that mood for a great […]